ADHD Coaching Packages

Silver Package

This is the “Get Acquainted” Package. Includes one half hour coaching session for an unbelievably low price. Plus 10% discounts on future coaching packages.

Gold Package

Three half hour coaching sessions for a very low price. One free eBook download, 10% discounts on future coaching services and a whole bunch more. Check it out!

Platinum Package

Nine half hour coaching sessions for a great price! Plus two eBook downloads, enrollment in the “Inner Circle” for future offers and discounts. And much more!


An “original” professional ADHD coach


ADHD as an asset – not a deficit or a curse.


Decades of ADHD training and experience.


Empowering others to be their best.

Welcome to Live ADHD Free!

Live ADHD Free offers professional ADHD Coaching and Consulting services for students, adults, couples, executives and business leaders. Founded by Carol Gignoux, M.Ed., one of the longest-serving ADHD (ADD) Coaches and Coach Trainers in the industry, her pioneering approach uses tailored strategies to ensure permanent behavior change. Combining her four decades of experience with cutting-edge research, Carol is also available as a business consultant and family counselor, bringing out the best in people with this brain type.

Your Resource for ADHD Coaching & ADHD Coach Training.

Carol’s well known ADHD coach training program incorporates the highest level of ADHD coaching competencies in the industry. With Carol as their personal ADHD trainer, her students practice coaching from the moment they begin the program. This approach allows her to attract serious students who work hard to build a coaching business during their training. Nationally recognized as a public speaker, Carol conducts seminars and workshops throughout the United States, spreading her message: ADHD is not a handicap, but a different learning style that can become a valuable asset.