“Your Innovator Brain – The Truth About ADHD” Book Support Group

In this book support group using years of experience and success with Innovator Brain types (ADHD), Carol will empower you to make all of your relationships successful, achieve your longed for work/life satisfaction, and find the peace you have been searching for. Using wisdom and strategies taken directly from the book, you will have opportunities to break through barriers that keep you from learning what you are really capable of.  Join this book support group so you can bring more empowerment and accomplishment into your life and live a life you truly love!

Here is a snapshot and highlights of the class:

  1.  One on one coaching to name the exact outward behaviors and mental perceptions that are holding you back from success and self satisfaction.
  2. The strategies you can use on your own to change those behaviors and mental perceptions forever.
  3. A complete understanding of how your unique brain works – its strengths and its limitations – so you can apply your new mastery techniques successfully.
  4. A structured and comprehensive plan of goals, actions and support systems to create a blueprint for your future
  5. Opportunities to build trusting relationships with other class participants to support your transformation.
  6. We will together create a caring and trusting environment in which to acknowledge each others unique gifts and attributes and allow fun and humor to bring out the best in all of us!

This is an exciting moment for me. To have a book that encapsulates my 40 years of research and work with the Innovator Brain type (ADHD) means I can help more people more effectively and in a shorter period of time.

Here is how you can join the group:

Register your interest by filling out the contact form below. We will be back in touch with you with dates, fees and the information you need to join the group. Please include both your phone number and your email address when filling out the contact form to make it easy for us to reach you quickly.

Next Group Begins November 3rd, 2016!

6 Classes for $699.99!

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