Can ADHD be an Asset?

There are many interpretations out there each claiming to be the right one: ADHD is a disability, ADHD is a brain type. ADHD is an executive function disorder… So how does one navigate the confusing waters of these competing definitions?

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Vampire Thinking and ADHD

Innovator Brain Types (ADHD) are especially susceptible to vampire thinking since from childhood we have been constantly reminded about how annoying and unacceptable our behavior is. An ADHD Coach can help!

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ADHD and Vampire Thinking Tricksters

In this follow up blog post, I address the idea of Vampire Thinking Tricksters - meaning those tricky tendencies of ours to suck the juice out of good opportunities.

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Vampire Thinking Revisited

"Vampire Thinking", just like our notion of vampires, is allowing negative internal self talk to drain our positive life energy - and the potential to be the best version of ourselves we can be - right out of our body.

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A Hundred Types of ADHD Innovators

It’s time to emphasize the beneficial traits of ADHD, like powerful deductive skills, creativity, hyperfocus, and thinking speeds up to ten times faster than other brain types.

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