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The Inner Peace Forum is a new class from Live ADHD Free. This will be a group experience. It’s for anyone feeling stressed and uninspired. Get your passion for life back by dealing with fear and anxiety.

Close your eyes and imagine a safer, healthier world.

Fear and anxiety are no longer what you wake up to in the morning. Hope blooms full in the sunlight as you eagerly anticipate the day ahead. You start your day with a higher purpose to make things better around you. Love is a constant companion.

Hold that thought and then close your eyes and imagine something else.

Imagine no longer needing to seek solace from striving and fighting to be good enough. Having the confidence to fix troubled relationships. Feeling an important part of life around you. Being able to sleep without anxiety, worry, or pills. Are you ready to change your perspective? 

My old normal was a hard life to live.

I used to think that I would forever have wounds deeply etched on my soul from a childhood of abuse and neglect. As a child, my days in the classroom were fearful, worrying about what I would find when I got home. I wanted to run away but had nowhere to go.

Things changed, healing happened.

Then things changed for me. I healed from those wounds, building a new understanding of myself as a worthy and capable person. Finding my passion was key and that was to work with troubled children and adolescents. I built a business focused on eliminating the stigma of ADHD.  Through coaching those with ADHD, I helped them be able to manage their weaknesses by using their incredible talents and strengths. I published a book based on my experience with ADHD coaching.

Introducing the Inner Peace Forum

Now I am ready to pass on to you what I have learned from four decades of work by offering to you my best work yet, the Inner Peace Forum. My vision is for you to take away from this seminar the truth: the truth of your own unique potential and the courage to manifest it fully.

You’ll learn how to ensure your vision for joy is greater than the fear that holds you back. The program will walk you through a process of steps, one-by-one, showing you how to  get from where you are to where you want to be.

The Inner Peace Forum is an opportunity to learn from our own and other’s experiences. In this approach, you’ll dive deeper into yourself to find your true identity and purpose. It’s a place to replace fear and discouragement with faith and courage. Resolving this conflict brings your unique gifts to the world.

The Inner Peace Forum is a Place to:

  • Heal from past wounds
  • Uncover your true identity and authentic self
  • Learn new practices to release fear and doubt
  • Find inspiration from others
  • Feel safe enough to be your authentic self in any environment
  • Re-energize your life
  • Build an inner mental sanctuary where you always find peace

Watch Carol’s Video and Listen to Her Words about the Inner Peace Forum

Is the Inner Peace Forum Right for You?

The forum is designed to help those from all walks of life. The six-week program is presented as a virtual group, and you’ll only pay for five sessions (the first is free!) at only $149.95. You can join as an individual, but it’s also a good program for couples and families to go through together. To learn more, please complete the short form.

Join us for the Inner Peace Forum Call on August 21 at 7:30PM EST/4:30PM PST

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