New Program Debuts: Focus First Support & Coaching for the Burnt-Out Executive

Learn more about our new program, Focus First, support and coaching for the burnt-out executive. Connect with Carol today for a free assessment.

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Addressing ADHD at Work: Three Steps to Change

As discussed in earlier posts, ADHD at work is not only disruptive but costly. When left untreated or unacknowledged, the problem only festers. Your workplace can find solutions to these challenges, promoting efficiency and effectiveness. You have the ability to turn underperformers into over performers. There are three changes you can make in the workplace [...]

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Untreated ADHD in the Workplace: From Insight to Action

Dysfunction in the workplace can occur because of untreated ADHD. As mentioned before there are real costs related to under performance in the workplace. Without certain parameters in place, your organization is probably missing the true potential of many employees; potential that could yield great ideas and profit. Difficult employees aren't really difficult Often labeled [...]

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The Real Costs of Under Performance in the Workplace

Under performance in the workplace may be the biggest risk to the success of business across the globe.. Much of which is due to adults that have been diagnosed with ADHD. The cost is staggering. Income and productivity losses in the U.S. could be as high $87 to $138 billion. Thus, it’s a subject in [...]

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Seven Proven Tips for Employers to Help Guide ADHD Employees

ADHD employees are typically bright, innovative and full of ideas. Yet, they may not always function as well as they could. They may have trouble with deadlines, organization and prioritization. The following tips are training measures to help human resources or talent professionals guide these potentially high performing employees. Acquaint yourself with the ADHD profile, [...]

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