Helping ADHD Teens: Why School Resources Often Fall Short

//Helping ADHD Teens: Why School Resources Often Fall Short

Helping ADHD Teens: Why School Resources Often Fall Short

Parents with ADHD teens often feel like the only options that have for help are school resources. However, with less budget and more cuts, school resources often fall short with students falling through the cracks. While your child’s school may have some programs, how will they help your ADHD teens deal with their symptoms and learn new behaviors?

Overcrowded Classes Mean Less Attention

As you’re probably aware the number of students in classes has continued to rise due to several factors, including a shortage of teachers in some areas as well as less budget to hire more or create more classrooms. ADHD teens, if one of 20, 30, or more students, won’t receive the attention they need. Without it, they will have trouble understanding expectations, both academically and behaviorally. When they rarely receive one-on-one guidance, they are likely to lose interest and escape into their own mind.

ADHD Experts Are a Rarity

Your teen’s school may have special education teachers, however, it’s very unlikely they have specialized training in ADHD. Thus, they simply don’t have the tools to help ADHD teens develop skills needed to succeed and use their innovative brain. Without ADHD coaching from an expert, they are likely to find school too challenging to care about, which means they won’t be ready for what comes after high school—whether that be college or the working world.

How to Find Real Help for ADHD Teens

In a perfect world, your school system would be equipped to assist ADHD teens and create safe places for them to learn and grow. Unfortunately, that’s rarely going to be the case. That means you need to look outside those school walls and partner with an ADHD coach. An ADHD coach has the experience and expertise necessary to take your child from disengaged and disinterested to fully blooming and succeeding.

If you’d like to learn more about getting your ADHD student the resources he or she needs, check out our College Prep Coaching program.

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