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Our mission is to help you use your own natural talents and personal resources to become a successful ADHD coach. The ADHD Coach Training program will allow you to feel confident in coaching those with ADHD, or as I prefer to call them “Innovators.” We want to get you out and into the world expertly serving this population as soon as possible.

Our ADHD Coach Training is very unique. From the beginning, you will be working with pro bono clients outside of class so you can practice what you learn as you go through the program. Carol works one-on-one with you to help you succeed at both being a top level coach and building a successful coaching practice.

In order to do this, classes are purposefully kept small. During the program, you will build your own coaching manual covering everything you learn both in and outside of class.

Why the Live ADHD Free Coach Training Program is right for you

  • Unmatched expertise: Carol is a co-founder and pioneer of ADHD coaching and has worked with ADHD children, teens and adults for 40 years. She was one of the first in the profession to receive Senior Certified ADHD Coach (SCAC) status after having taken the first steps toward creating a credentialing organization for ADHD Coaches.
  • Not a cookie cutter course: No standard text books or rigid curriculum. Carol provides relevant, up to date modules for students in an intimate setting you just can’t get anywhere else.
  • Flexibility: Carol starts with an outline for each week, but depending on the needs of the students, the topics are flexible and tailored to students’ interests.
  • Coaching from day one: With Carol, you’ll be coaching from the start with pro bono clients and classmates.
    Training applied to certification: Certification isn’t required to be an ADHD coach, but if it’s important to you, don’t worry. Your coach training hours can qualify toward certification. Carol’s training adheres to and upholds International Coach Federation (ICF) and Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) guidelines, competencies and ethics.
  • Marketing help: Carol provides key advice on how to get your business off the ground. She’ll also introduce you to her marketing consultant who can help you with your website, content and social media, all at discounted price.
  • Your Coaching Manual: By the end of the course, you’ll have a manual created for you by you that will be your compass as a coach.
  • Perfect Opportunity to Determine if Coaching is right for you: If you’ve been considering coaching but fear or concern is holding you back, this is your chance to be a part of a great program without excessive time and money commitments.

Carol Gignoux – Over 12 years experience as an ADHD Coach Trainer

Carol is well known for having trained successful ADHD Coaches for over 12 years. Included in the training are weekly modules and practice coaching, tools, professional competencies, resources, marketing for practice building and a coaching manual. Learn more about Carol.


About the Program

Throughout the ADHD Coach Training program, you’ll have the opportunity to practice coaching. You’ll hone your skills in class as well as with classmates outside of class (coaching buddies), and with practice clients. By the end of the program, most of our students have experienced a great deal of coaching practice and skill-building. This prepares them to start their practice and coach on their own.  After meeting the program requirements, you will receive an official graduation certificate your documented hours toward certification, and a personal recommendation and testimonial from your instructor.

Weekly Curriculum Overview*

  • Getting Started: Overview of ADHD and the “Innovator” Brain
  • Coaching Fundamentals
  • Overview of Coaching ADHD Adults, Adolescents and Children
  • Coaching Strategies and Tools
  • Reclaiming your Identity, Values and Purpose: A Coaching Model
  • Having a Coaching Practice vs. Building a Coaching Business
  • Tools for Marketing Yourself and Building Your Client Base

*Weekly Curriculum is subject to change depending upon the needs of the students.


  • 10-week program
  • Classes are two hours long with 30 minutes for feedback on what was learned and applied, 60 minutes for training and 30 minutes of practice
  • Next program will begin in January 2018


  • Knowledge of ADHD basics
  • At least one pro bono client to practice coaching

Additional information

  • Modules and training materials included
  • Complete Curriculum available after sign-up


Make a difference in the life of others! Learn more about ADHD Coach Training from Live ADHD Free.