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Release Negativity, Embrace Life

What if this year you spent more time on your emotional health—the part of your overall health that often gets the least attention? What might be possible if you had less anxiety and more peace?

Live ADHD Free is here to help you find your center in a confusing world with our Banish Vampire Thinking Program. Vampire Thinking doesn’t have to suck the job out of your life. Get back in control.

You face many stresses every day. How you deal with stress has an impact on every part of life. Without an inner sanctuary, you can feel lost and alone. While you may have a great support system that includes family, friends, and healthcare providers, are you able to lean and count on yourself?

Finding peace

There is a way to become your own best support system. You can create and build your own inner sanctuary, that’s a place of peace and calm within yourself. This is possible with the Live ADHD Free Banish Vampire Thinking Program.

Live ADHD Free can help you calm the waters within you. Most were never taught to look within as children, creating adults that find it hard to self-regulate emotions. With this program, you can learn how to take control of your emotional health and find any ally within yourself. Emotional freedom is possible. It’s not easy. It will take work, but don’t you deserve this opportunity?

Banish Vampire Thinking Program highlights:


Discover the principles that underlie the concepts, tools, and practices in the program.

What is Vampire Thinking?

Vampire Thinking sucks the joy and promise of your hopes, dreams, and goals. Instead of acting on an idea and opportunity, you sabotage and kill it.

Understanding Your Inner World

Find answers to these questions:

  • What exactly is an inner world and how do you find it?
  • What practices will foster the creation of your personal sanctuary?
  • How will you integrate these new practices into your life for success?

Powerful Self Talk

Here, you’ll build an awareness about the way you talk to yourself and the messages you give your brain as a result. Building internal positive and empowering messages plays a big role in your ability to find emotional freedom.

Letting Go

You’ll master how to heal and find peace with the burdens and pain from the past. You’ll learn to appreciate being at peace with who you’ve become in spite of or because of past suffering.

Creating an Inner Sanctuary

You’ll be equipped the steps and practices to envision and implement your own inner sanctuary. Especially important is learning how to communicate with your inner world in a steadfast and grounded way, withstanding unwanted invasions by the outside world.

Reinforcing and Strengthening Your New Emotional Freedom

In practice with other participants, you’ll use a journal, create video and audio recordings, use a mirror, draw, and dance. These are just some of options you may want to use to strengthen your practice.

Ready to learn more?

Join us for a mini-webinar on January 17. You’ll learn more about Vampire Thinking and how to banish it with insightful commentary and best practices from Carol. Register today.