Signs Your Daughter Has ADHD

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Signs Your Daughter Has ADHD

ADHD has long been associated as a boy’s affliction, since they are more likely to be disruptive or show impulsive symptoms. Their symptoms are often less visible but just as impairing. Even if your daughter’s pediatrician or teachers see symptoms, they may write them off as something else. But it’s important to look at behavior, mood, and other signs your daughter has ADHD. If they are diagnosed, it gives you an answer and the ability to see what treatments are available.

ADHD Symptoms Often Misdiagnosed in Girls

Research has shown that ADHD symptoms in girls are often misdiagnosed.  The truth about ADHD is it’s an equal opportunity disease, impacting girls and boys across different cultures, languages, socio-economic classes, and just about any other difference. Research conducted by the National Center for Gender Issues found that female symptoms were more likely to be excessive talking, poor self-esteem, worrying, and perfectionism. These symptoms may seem calm compared to boys that thrive on noise and are more physical.

As a parent, you may think you would know if there were signs your daughters has ADHD, you’d magically see them. Not everything is black and white, so we’ve put together some things to look out for and what to do next. Their future may depend on it, as girls tend to engage in risky behavior as they age with ADHD without treatment. Undiagnosed ADHD can even cause severe mental health problems as well.

10 Signs Your Daughter Has ADHD

  1. Homework drags on too long. She easily forgets about it or gets distracted too easily on some kind of device. Instead doing work in a timely manner, it gets pushed to the last possible minute.
  2. Her intelligence doesn’t show on testing. You know she studied because you helped her, yet her test grades reflect an unprepared student.
  3. Reading comprehension is below average. Yes, she can read fine and grasp the meaning of short pieces of content. But understanding longer form writing, drawing conclusions from it and getting the details, are frustrating.
  4. Her social cues seem a little off. Because she may not have the comprehension of others her age, she doesn’t pay attention to friends and acts out. This can cause isolation and rejection.
  5. Her memory keeps failing her. Even if you’ve organized all her things and reminded her 10 times, without fail, she won’t make it where she needs to go without forgetting something.
  6. She’s a talker, not a listener. Not every young girl who talks excessively has ADHD, but if it’s become a problem in the classroom, this reveals impulsivity.
  7. Her follow through is less than successful. She’s got big ideas and plans, executing them, however, is a different story.
  8. She doesn’t learn from consequences. If you have set boundaries and rules, and she continues to push them after being punished, she may not understand the connection fully between action and consequence.
  9. She’s always late. Again, no matter how far ahead you plan or remind her, she has an inability to be punctual.
  10. Her mood swings are more than just about puberty. She has high highs and low lows with little room for balance.

If Your Daughter Has ADHD, Help Her Live Her Best Life

These signs your daughter has ADHD aren’t perfect science, rather they are based on the experiences of working with girls with ADHD for decades. Yes, they exhibit slightly different symptoms as boys with ADHD, but society has to stop making it such a well, deficit. Your daughter, if she has ADHD, still has much to look forward to her in life. She just needs some help learning how to deal with feelings and thoughts in a constructive way. She may even begin to see her ADHD as an advantage.

If your daughter has ADHD, there are many treatment options. Medication is one and should be discussed with your doctor. Beyond that, ADHD coaching and counseling can be great tools in helping your daughter find peace and develop better habits. Learn more about how Live ADHD Free helps teens ready for college and coaches young girls to live their best life.

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