Tips On Improving Your Daily Focus

//Tips On Improving Your Daily Focus

Distractions abound in our world today. We have more technology and activity than any generation before. Staying focused on the task at hand is even more difficult for all of us, but if you are of an ADHD mindset you may feel barriers are before you that cannot be crossed. But don’t give up; there are many tools and remedies available to keep you on course toward your goals.

If you are in a constant struggle to remain focused on your work or you have difficulty finishing what you start, visit a doctor for a checkup to determine if you are truly ADHD. If so, he or she may prescribe medication that can help your brain function through distraction.

The next step is to line up a qualified ADHD Coach to work side by side with you to ensure you reach your goals.

This step can determine whether you succeed or fail at adopting new behaviors and strategies so don’t ignore it.

Here are Ten tried and true Tips to keep your mind from wandering:

  • Write things down – when listening to instructions whether from a teacher, employer, or just someone giving you information you want to remember, creating a written record gives your mind a visual aid you can refer back to.
  • Keep your work space organized – this task that can be a struggle, but if you tackle the clutter in small increments it is not so overwhelming. Create a de-cluttering plan and then make yourself a list and post it on your desk as a reminder to put items away when finished working. This will develop a habit over time and make organization easier to accomplish.
  • Keep a regular schedule as much as possible – while life does get in the way and things happen unexpectedly, a regular routine will train your mind to remember the order of the day. Using a monthly planner can remind you of appointments and meetings and take the burden of trying to remember what has to be done off your mind.
  • Look people in the eye – when someone is speaking to you, focusing on them while they are speaking will reiterate what they are saying. Repeat key words to yourself to aid in remembering the important parts of the conversation. Find something to do with your hands, such as squeezing a ball in an unobtrusive way.  This will give your body the means to be moving without being distracting.
  • Keep your body fit – regular exercise, eating properly, and getting enough sleep will keep your brain nourished and working properly. Avoiding caffeine and too much sugar will prevent adding to hyperactivity.
  • Don’t condemn yourself – being diagnosed with ADHD is not the problem. Be happy that you have the Genius Gene and can use it successfully to manage what challenges you once you learn how. Keep a positive attitude and know you can overcome difficulties. Reading books and listening to tapes that encourage positive thinking can keep your mind from drifting to negative self-talk. Studying the lives of famous leaders and inventors with the same brain type as you will encourage you toward the path to success.
  • Check your environment – surrounding yourself with soft music or low steady noises, such as fans or small fountains, can prevent your mind from drifting away from your work.
  • Record your goals – write down your goals and read them to yourself daily. A visual record will keep them in your mind and keep you on track. Make the goals in small increments to avoid being overwhelmed with a task too large to accomplish.
  • Use support – you are not in this alone. In addition to hiring a professional coach, family, friends, counselors and teachers can be valuable assets to your success. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance and consider the usefulness of their advice.  This will be easier to do if you don’t take what they say as criticism. Knowing you have loved ones available adds to a feeling of security.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor – keep regular appointments for check-ups to ensure your medication if working properly. Don’t wait to call and ask questions if you experience difficulties or side effects from prescriptions.

You can live a productive, healthy life with ADHD by believing in yourself and your ability to gain the upper hand.

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