Wednesday, January 17  7:30 EST

The New Year always brings opportunity for change.

While many focus on physical health, real change comes with working on your emotional health. Vampire Thinking is a term devised by Carol as a way to explain a mindset where joy, opportunity, and growth are sucked away by negative thoughts.

Vampire Thinking is often a result of untreated ADHD. 

But there is hope for anyone feeling like they can't seem to find peace. 

Join us Jan. 17 for a mini-webinar to learn how to go from feeling hopeless to hopeful. 

Topics include:

What is fear costing you?

Being mindful of your thoughts and behaviors

Create a plan to combat the power of Vampire Thinking

How to ask for help and support from friends and family

Holding yourself accountable

New Year New You:

Defeat Vampire Thinking

Presented by Carol Gignoux

Take Back Control of Your Life. 

Start by Attending Our Webinar. 

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