Why ADHD Coaching Could Save You from Living a Life Labeled as a Deficit

//Why ADHD Coaching Could Save You from Living a Life Labeled as a Deficit

Why ADHD Coaching Could Save You from Living a Life Labeled as a Deficit

As a founder of ADHD coaching, we dislike the way ADHD is portrayed as a deficit. Like many ailments, it’s only a deficit if you let your mind stay with that explanation. It’s easy to do that. After all, you have real symptoms that impact your entire life. But what if you could use ADHD to your advantage? You can learn how with the right ADHD coach.

What is ADHD coaching?

ADHD coaching is not unlike a therapy session. A trained coach provides guidance, support, and accountability. There are many aspects to sessions, as they present ways to overcome feelings of impulsivity and inadequacy. ADHD coaching must be consistent, usually on a weekly basis. Those that enroll receive assignments to help them develop better habits and coping mechanisms.

An ADHD coach attempts to give their student a comprehensive view of ADHD—the way it alters the brain, interferes with relationships, and impacts everyday situations. What you’ll learn are skills that improve your time management, organization, and self-esteem. We could probably all use a dose of this!

Challenges for Adults with ADHD

Currently, there is a vast number of adults just finding out they have ADHD. Now, they have an answer to some of their behaviors and thoughts. However, many aren’t sure where to go from there. Some doctors may prescribe meds to help them with focus, but real work begins with ADHD coaching.

Adults with ADHD who seek out coaching often struggle with focus, poor executive functioning skills, difficulty maintaining relationships, financial issues, and don’t practice self-care. For adults, these issues are often further complicated by years of misdiagnosis (or no diagnosis at all), leading to a list of failures in many areas of their life.

Many who seek the aid of an ADHD coach find that a new door has opened in their life—one of hopefulness for the future. When they begin to treat and work on their ADHD, symptoms are held at bay, and life finally has a positive vibe.

Getting Help Is Easy

Just as you would look for a physician or therapist, you’ll want to seek out an ADHD coach in a similar fashion. Look at their expertise, experience, and education. You will also want to read testimonials and reviews. Find out how ADHD coaching changed the lives of others. You should also pay close attention as to how they approach ADHD because not every coach is the same.

At Live ADHD Free, Carol has been providing ADHD coaching for decades, helping adults, children, and teens learn how to live their best life and discover they have innovator brains—not a deficiency. Take a look at our ADHD coaching offerings today.

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