eBook: Top Six Secrets of Successful ADHD Couples

//eBook: Top Six Secrets of Successful ADHD Couples

eBook: Top Six Secrets of Successful ADHD Couples


Find answers to the common challenges faced by couples where one or both partners have ADHD. Learn what techniques and strategies successful ADHD couples use to keep their relationship healthy and on track!


Why do people with ADHD struggle in relationships? Why do couples suffer year after year with the same frustrating communication issues? Is there no hope of unraveling the tangled confusion? Over and over again, I see ADHD couples whose diverse problems have a shared root cause: poor communication patterns. A classic is the tendency to assume the “real hidden meaning” behind a partner’s words and actions.

The pattern of nitpicking and fighting often leads couples to seek ADHD coaching or couples counseling – and many are shocked to learn what they’re really arguing about. Does this sound familiar? To change these patterns, it’s necessary for both partners to demonstrate a willingness to look differently at how they see each other – in particular, to notice the way assumptions are made about the other’s intentions. Both partners need to be to be open to changing those assumptions.

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