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ADHD speaker

Are you looking for an ADHD speaker or ADHD training?

Carol is an experienced ADHD speaker. She has a long history of presenting to many groups, corporations and organizations and conducts workshops and training.

Carol’s ADHD presentations, workshops and training help individuals, teams, and organizations realize their full potential and achieve maximum productivity.

Carol treats events and programs as a safe place where audience members can relax. This allows for a more inclusive learning environment. Attendees are more open to understanding and challenging long held believes. The resulting change in outlook carries into every part of their lives.

Speaking and Training Options


Carol presents keynotes as an ADHD speaker. These keynotes aren’t just beneficial to those with ADHD. They also provide insights for those who have a partner, friend, child, parent or colleague with ADHD.

Corporate Speaking, Training and Consulting Services

These are specially designed to help leaders in the workplace understand how to support a structured work environment to help top performers succeed. These services are presented in a relaxed and comfortable tone so that attendees can expand their understanding of key issues. They can then identify limiting beliefs and behaviors and visualize desired outcomes. The resulting change in outlook continues to open new doors for them. Learn more here.

College and University Speaking Programs

These programs are for faculty and staff. The programs focus on helping them identify ADHD students and what strategies to use to help them succeed. So many bright students arrive at college without knowing how to study or manage their time properly. Helping them sooner rather than later gives them a better chance of staying in school. Learn more here.

Speaking, Coaching and Workshop Topics

Carol also offers group speaking, coaching and workshop sessions. These topics can help of variety of individuals. They are designed to help those with ADHD as well as those who may have a child, spouse, friend or family member with ADHD. Learn more about topics.

How Does Carol Benefit her Audiences?

The prevalence of ADHD is difficult to estimate because many people will go undiagnosed and suffer alone. Symptoms can go unrecognized for years. Because of this it’s hard to know true numbers. The assumption is that eight to nine million American adults have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Carol gives audiences the tools they need to identify ADD/ADHD before work or life relationships get damaged.


Daily life can seem like an uphill battle for many people facing the challenges of ADHD. Carol gives audiences a window into the distracted mind. With the window open, Carol informs audiences how to create environments where those with ADHD can flourish.


ADHD symptoms can become liabilities to professional and personal relationships. Carol gives audiences practical techniques for eliminating distraction, disorganization and procrastination both professionally and personally. The growing problem of internet and technology addiction and the problems caused by them is a topic example. Carol gives readily adoptable strategies for getting behavior under control bringing life and work back into balance.

The stigma of ADHD is inhibitor in many people’s lives. If your organization or group could benefit from a qualified ADHD speaker, Carol is the premier choice.

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