Five Tips for Parenting an ADHD Child

Parenting an ADHD child can often be challenging and overwhelming. Stress is a given, and not everything will turn out as planned. There are ways to, at the very least, manage ADHD more effectively. While the symptoms of ADHD are not preventable, you can gain greater control over them. With proven methods, you [...]

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ADHD Coach Training Survey

Are you interested in an ADHD Coach Training program? Live ADHD Free is now seeking feedback regarding ADHD coach training. This training is open to all. You could have 10 years of experience as a life coach or none at all. We'd love to hear your thoughts on ADHD Coaching. If you are a [...]

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College Prep Coaching: Preparing Students for College and Beyond

U.S. News reports as many as one in three first-year students won’t return for their sophomore year. There are many reasons why, one of which being academic struggles and an inability to understand how to manage time and tasks. Preparing students for success in college can increase the likelihood that they make all four years. [...]

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What Does it Take to Save Innovators and Innovation?

It’s not impossible for people who are rapid-fire thinkers diagnosed with ADHD to learn to live full lives with less anxiety and be powerful contributors to their families, communities, and societies. I know this from my own life and the lives of so many others with the innovator brain (or ADHD) that I have helped [...]

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