Professional ADHD Coaching for the Innovator Brain Type

Innovator Brain types are a gift; understand it better with professional ADHD coaching. By now most of us know about ADHD. We either have the diagnosis our self or know someone who does: our child, our spouse, our coworker, friend, boss, neighbor. We take medication, we go to therapy, feel shame and believe ourselves to [...]

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Six Reasons Why ADHD Students Need Coaching

College prep coaching can help students use their innovator brains to be successful ADHD students are often bright, creative and full of ideas. However, because their brains work differently that might not transfer to their grades and GPA. Getting into college is just as competitive as any sport. Even if your ADHD student is accepted [...]

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Saving Innovators: Another Look at ADHD

Think those with ADHD aren't worth the stress? Think again. Those with ADHD have much to offer organizations, businesses, communities and society. Rapid-fire thinkers diagnosed with ADHD can live full lives with less anxiety and be powerful contributors to their families, communities, and societies. I know this from my own life and the lives of [...]

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ADHD and Anxiety: Links, Overlaps and Accurate Diagnosis

Their interwoven relationship is a source of debate and synergy ADHD and anxiety are often present in the same individual, and in fact feed off one another. It’s hard to say if anxiety is symptom of ADHD, or if having ADHD causes anxiety. There is an ongoing debate about the connection between anxiety and [...]

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