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ADHD Facts: What You Can Learn from Carol

Are you looking for an entertaining and informative speaker for your next event? Carol Gignoux is available for a variety of speaking engagements, including keynote presentations, training, and  workshops on the topic of ADHD. With a basis of scientific fact and decades of first-hand experience with ADHD, Carol tailors her material to every event. Her programs range from broad sessions on the ADHD facts to focused workshops on improving particular ADHD behaviors.

Carol has presented to:

  • Schools, universities, parent organizations and ADHD student advocacy groups
  • Community organizations, family groups, and libraries
  • Corporations, non-profits, and small businesses
  • Hospitals and clinics

Carol is an inspired and knowledgeable speaker.  She empowers and motivates her audience to make real change. With over 30 years of experience, she is one of the longest serving ADHD coaches in the industry. Her incredible  knowledge of ADHD facts along with her straight-forward and  humorous delivery, make Carol a unique and inspiring speaker.

A few samples of her past programs include:

  • Understanding ADHD for Companies and Managers
  • Executives: Learn to Maximize Your Assets
  • Keeping Your Focus in the Workplace for Innovator Brain Types
  • Master the Five Steps to Eliminating Underperformance in the Workplace
  • Building Loving ADHD Couple Relationships
  • Working Together as a Family with ADHD
  • The Silent Epidemic of ADHD in Adults

Her content on ADHD facts is tailored for each audience and her event coordinator works with you to develop a perfectly targeted program. Most topics can be delivered onsite, via webinar, or Google Talk formats.

Contact us for more information and to schedule your event.

View Carol’s Press Kit here, including expanded Program Descriptions.