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Welcome to Highly Effective Workplace from Live ADHD Free! This program focuses on workplace coaching and training to foster collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

Many Employees May Have ADHD or Other Attention Challenges

Did you know that many of your employees may have ADHD? Current estimates reveal that 15-20 million Americans have ADHD. Actual numbers are probably much higher. This is typically due to misdiagnosis or a lack of clarity on a what a typical ADHD profile looks like. Employees with ADHD are bright, creative innovators. They need structure and help. How can you optimize their importance for a highly effective workplace?

More Productivity, Less Stress

If you are a manager, executive, or HR professional, you may be struggling to support these employees. The workplace is a mix of different personality types and skill sets. We want to help you provide a more productive workplace, a less stressful environment and nurture a culture of ideas.

About Highly Effective Workplace

We work with professionals who are struggling. These employees have a lot to offer your business. They need help managing different aspects of the modern workplace. This includes task management, project completion, and maintaining focus.

We target those employees initially hired for their unique expertise and skill who have difficulty using their talents. These employees typically have Innovator brains. This means they have lots of ideas, they just need help get them in order. They need clear boundaries. That’s why workplace coaching is such an asset.

Creating a Dynamic Workplace with Workplace Coaching

By providing workplace coaching to those struggling, including those with ADHD or other challenges, you can create a dynamic workplace. We work with you to determine what the problems are and how to address them.

Through coaching and advising, we help people access their personal and professional strengths. We identify obstacles they face and assist them in developing healthier habits. At the same time, we work with management and HR professionals. We teach them how to support their staff and encourage their current employees to work to their potential.

Without a dynamic workplace, you’re likely to incur high costs from turnover and lack of productivity. Read more about how ADHD impacts the workplace in our blog.

Complimentary Session

To introduce the program, we offer a one-hour session for managers and leaders that details and highlights how we work with organizations. Topic highlights:

  • Identifying the gap between a company’s vision on innovation and its current performance
  • Finding missed opportunities as a result of under-performing employees and departments
  • Reviewing company culture and mechanisms for offering employee support
  • Pinpointing communication breakdowns between individuals, teams, and management
  • Creating a plan to stop issues from affecting individual and team productivity
  • Investigating hiring practices to ensure best talent is attracted and retained
  • Setting up coaching and training programs and a time frame for completion

Who We’ve Helped

We have achieved successful outcomes working with individuals from many organizations. Those include Fidelity, IBM, Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, Harvard University, MIT, Beth Israel Hospital, and Oracle.

One of the best things a client has said about the program came from a Fortune 500 leader. He said, “Carol Gignoux’s strategies for the workplace are useful to all, ADHD or not, because of how they ultimately improve the performance of everyone in the company.”

Learn more about how to schedule your free session of Highly Effective Workplace.