7:30 PM EST/4:30 PM PST

Flexible, Effective Coaching for Your ADHD Student

We help students go from failing to achieving. For years, we've been helping students with ADHD. We consider these students "innovators" not damaged or incapable. It's because we understand their valuable attributes and how to tap into them. 

Our online coaching also means convenience for you. It's not one more activity to plan and arrange transportation. We can work around sports and after school activities as needed. Sessions can be arranged to best meet your schedule.

During the program, your student will get weekly emails and communications outside the session time. This keeps the student focused and working toward the goals of better behaviors.

Join our webinar on March 21 where Carol will offer tips, answer questions, and share success stories. 



Stories from Coaching Clients


Carol challenges me to stick to the things in my life that truly matter. As someone who started with lots of energy and little sense of direction, I‘m now moving ahead. The discipline she has instilled frees me to focus on my future both imaginatively and practically. 

One-on-one coaching is necessary because individuals have to be able to focus, organize themselves to be productive, carve out time to plan and vision, and to aspire to some- thing more than is in front of them. Carol is uniquely qualified to do this work.

Carol is able to draw on a rich reservoir of productive information. Her many years of experience makes her uniquely qualified to lead you on the right road to a brilliant future.

College Prep Coaching Packages

Good Start Package I

Initial Intake Session: $199

Four months (16 weekly sessions) of Specialty Coaching

$125 each

A great package to help students develop good study habits and learn new strategies to stay focused and organized.


Rising Star Package III

Initial Intake Session: $199

Fourteen months (56 weekly sessions) of Rising Star Coaching

$79 each

The perfect package to prepare students for the complete process of applying to and readying for college.


Ready to Go Package II

Initial Intake Session: $199

Nine months (36 weekly sessions) of Rising Star Coaching

$99 each

Students develop good study habits, stay organized and focused plus improve their GPA in preparation of college.


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