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Clients Share Their Stories and Testimonials

Carol Gignoux’s presentation to the Methuen SEPAC on ADHD was very informative. She was positive and created hope in overcoming some of the challenging behaviors associated with ADHD.  I will definitely take advantage of some of the tips she provided.

Karen, Methuen

Carol is able to draw on a rich reservoir of productive information. Her many years of experience makes her uniquely qualified to lead you on the right road to a brilliant future.

Bob Proctor
Chairman of the Board / LifeSuccess Institute

Carol‘s work helped me develop a strategy for focusing on my goals, prioritizing, and managing my time. Learning to set my own house in order and understanding of how to get to the core of what is most important helped me become a better corporate manager. I no longer dance around the issues, but instead I am empowered to make it work for me and those under me. This has created a positive transformation in the way I feel about my work, how productive I am, and how I’m viewed by senior executives, co-workers, and those on my team.

D. J.
Architect / Boston, MA

Carol Gignoux helped me identify my personal strengths and apply them more effectively to improve my performance at work. Her services have been worth many times what I paid. Considering that personnel costs are often an employer‘s greatest expense, any increase in employee effectiveness can lead to significant improvement. Carol’s services are a great way to leverage this prime corporate resource.

Stock Analyst / Boston, MA

Carol challenges me to stick to the things in my life that truly matter. As someone who started with lots of energy and little sense of direction, I‘m now moving ahead. The discipline she has instilled frees me to focus on my future both imaginatively and practically.

R. J.P.
MBA Candidate / Cambridge, MA

Working with Carol, I gained a solid foundation in learning who I was, how my brain works and what adjustments I needed to make to control my life and lead me on a path to success. It wasn’t that I was a lesser person, in fact I learned how talented I truly was. It was not my brain type holding me back but my own self. Carol gave me the map, put me on the right course and taught me how to stay on that course to get to my end destination.

Nicole Lamont
Portland, OR

One-on-one coaching is necessary because individuals have to be able to focus, organize themselves to be productive, carve out time to plan and vision, and to aspire to something more. Carol is uniquely qualified to do this work in organizational and corporate environments where the focus is on higher productivity based on better prepared and knowledgeable workers, managers, and executives.

Bruce S.
Entrepreneur/Wine Importer / New York

Carol has cleared the fog and illumined the runway to enable me to plan, implement and perform my daily priorities with my wife and kids that are so very important to the health and well being of our entire family. Carol has the gift — listen and learn.

Builder / Boston, MA

Businesses are entities operated by individuals. The success of such operations is strongly contingent upon the ability of those who run them to employ ‘best practices.’ ADDInsights helps dynamic managers impart confidence and consistency into their own lives, benefiting the organization as a whole.

Doug G.
Attorney / Boston, MA

Ms. Gignoux demonstrates an uncanny ability to understand the challenges of individuals with ADHD. Her insight that ADHD is more of a learning difference, than a disability allows us to see our children’s strengths. Her years of experience as an educator and administrator will be invaluable to help school districts support these students in more inclusive settings.We highly recommend her.

Michele DeParasis
Billerica SEPAC

Carol has taught a number of classes on coaching AD/HD, consistently impressed students. She is engaging, knowledgeable and a delight to have in front of the room. She has a big heart and a great mind. Thanks for all you do, Carol!

Boston University
School of Social Work / Boston, MA

Wow! I’m ready to get going now. I came to Carol’s presentation with many doubts and fears. I’m leaving with an open mind and some good steps that I can take to start moving in the right direction. I feel stronger and more hopeful than I’ve felt in a long time. Thank you, Carol!

Howard S.
Montpelier / Vermont

It took me two decades to find Carol, but as a result, I now have a positive perspective. I still have the gifts that come with ADD, but I’ve learned to use better tools to manage myself like a schedule to keep me organized, introspection to keep me aware of what is going on around me, and prioritization to keep things straight. Thanks Carol. You’ve made me happier, more confident, and life is much less of a struggle.

John Robinson
Boston, MA

I suffered from memory problems and poor planning skills prior to meeting Carol. People would typically chalk up my failures to laziness or carelessness, even though I would put far more effort into my failures than my successes. Carol and I sat down and began working on concrete methods and mechanisms to help me succeed.

L. K.
Software Designer / Arlington, MA

Carol’s encouragement to concentrate on my abilities, rather than my limitations, has enhanced my confidence and feelings of competence, and therefore my proficiency. Even though I want to change certain things, I’m not the easiest person to help: I can be stubborn and resistant to suggestions. Carol has the sensitivity to deal with me and the flexibility to shift gears if a particular strategy isn’t effective or doesn’t resonate with me. Working with Carol helps me confront my apathy and avoidance, and navigate out of the pit of procrastination. She supports me in staying focused on  where I want to be in my life.

Kelli Foster
Cambridge, MA

Carol has helped me see that I am so much more than my ADD. My productivity has skyrocketed, I am marrying the woman of my dreams, pursuing an inspiring career and am happier than I have ever been. It’s amazing what working with a coach can do.

M. C.
High Tech / Newton, MA

Carol’s coaching made a huge difference in my life. I have read numerous books and attended many seminars, and while they were valuable, there has been nothing that has been as effective as the coaching provided. Because of Caro’s approach to success, I now embrace each day with more energy and drive than ever before. Carol has truly transformed my life and helped me become the confident, successful, effective person that I always wanted to be!

R. B.
National Sales Director / Atlanta, GA

In Couples Counseling, Carol has been wonderful at helping us develop routines for problem-solving on a regular basis and learning to relate in more supportive ways. She has shown us how to stop and understand each other’s needs before coming up with solutions to disagreements.

Beverly Rich and Martin Kessel
Natick, MA