About Live ADHD Free, LLC

Live ADHD Free, LLC is one of New England’s top ADHD coaching companies. Led by Boston’s longest-serving ADHD coach, Carol Gignoux, this team of experts uses their rigorous training and first-hand experience to help rapid-fire thinkers throughout the United States.

Live ADHD Free is committed to the concept that anyone with ADHD can manage their limitations and nurture their talents to achieve a full, successful and satisfying life. With adaptable strategies and a variety of services, this team can help any ADHD’er achieve his or her dreams.

About Carol Gignoux

I have spent nearly 40 years of my life helping people heal from wounded childhoods and find peace and joy in their lives.  I do it because I understand the difficulties of trying to find one’s way in the world without an empowered self-image and the confidence needed to face the challenges ahead. I have a passion for helping people unlock their potential and embrace their true talents and inner wealth of resources. My work with children from the age of 4 to adults in their seventies has taught me how to better use my own talents and resources to find happiness through making a difference in the lives of others. I consider every person who comes to me to be a diamond in the rough, ready and willing to be restored to his or her full purpose in life.

I began my work with ADHD and children with special needs immediately upon graduating with a master’s degree in 1972. After spending almost 30 years in education, I declined offers to become principal of a school so I could go out on my own and start a new career.  I enrolled in a coaching program at Coach U, the first of it’s kind in the country started by the founder of coaching, Thomas Leonard. Shortly after graduating from Coach U, and earning their difficult to achieve certification, I completed a graduate coaching program with the Newfield Network in Minneapolis, MN, and an Executive Coach Training Program with Success Dynamics in Concord, MA. Since then I have a highly decorated resume as a professional coach.

I have a passion for public speaking and connecting to every member of the audience with understanding and compassion. I continue to explore better and more effective ways to assist the many diverse people I work with and as a result have accumulated a formidable number of healing methods and cognitive strategies to help people transform their lives within shorter and shorter time frames. As a public speaker, I give keynote speeches, run workshops and conduct breakout seminars. Recently I toured New England speaking to Parent Advisory Councils about gearing ADHD students toward success. My presentations are available as teleseminars and downloadable ebooks.

I often facilitate the creation of healthy communication patterns and supportive group dynamics for businesses as well as families. Every day I strive to provide my clients with the tools they need to lead orderly, happy lives in the classroom, office and home.

I have been certified by the ICF as one of their first Financial Coaches. I was one of the first participants in the Top Human Coaching Program in Shanghai, China, and I have taken several of T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Training Programs, and am a member of his Private Circle Club. As a pioneer in the field of ADHD coaching, I realized early on the necessity of protecting its efficacy. As a result, I helped to co-create the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching, the first international organization to certify ADHD Coaches and ADHD Training Programs. I have achieved the most advanced ADHD coaching designation: the Senior Certified ADHD Coach or SCAC.

One of my favorite things is to use my advanced coaching background to train new generations of ADHD Coaches with my comprehensive Seven Core Competencies training method. All participants are prepared in accordance with the International Coach Federation Coach Competencies and the high standards of the Institute for Advancement of ADHD Coaching. My students receive a well-rounded education focused on extensive coaching practice as the gateway to building a successful business.

I feel that it has been my privilege to work with so many wonderful people of all ages and backgrounds who fit a certain profile referred to as ADHD. My most important mission is to bring the truth to light about the real nature of so-called ADHD. Throughout time, people with this brain type have been many of our mort important innovators. A wealth of experience has shown me that this often maligned and stigmatized brain type is more the brain type of innovators than misfits. My mission is to change the negative way people view the ADHD trait. I believe that ADHD is not a “disorder,” but rather a cluster of valuable assets that when managed correctly can create big results as in the case of many famous world class innovators like Einstein, Mozart, the Wright Brothers, Winston Churchill and and Henry Ford.

Look for my book to be released in 2015:

The Users Guide to Your Innovator Brain: You’re Bright, Brilliant and Brave – It’s not ADHD That’s Holding You Back

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