What is an “Innovator Brain Type”, Exactly?

I believe we need to change the thinking around the label of “ADHD” and start thinking about it as an “Innovator Brain Type.”

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What Does it Take to Save Innovators and Innovation?

It’s not impossible for people who are rapid-fire thinkers diagnosed with ADHD to learn to live full lives with less anxiety and be powerful contributors to their families, communities, and societies. I know this from my own life and the lives of so many others with the innovator brain (or ADHD) that I have helped [...]

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Professional ADHD Coaching for the Innovator Brain Type

By now most of us know about ADHD. We either have the diagnosis our self or know someone who does: our child, our husband or wife, our coworker, friend, boss, neighbor. We take medication, we go to therapy, feel shame and believe ourselves to be irrevocably incompetent. Some of us have anxiety disorder and depression. [...]

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Tips On Improving Your Daily Focus

Distractions abound in our world today. We have more technology and activity than any generation before. Staying focused on the task at hand is even more difficult for all of us, but if you are of an ADHD mindset you may feel barriers are before you that cannot be crossed. But don’t give up; there [...]

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5 Tips for Parents of an ADHD Child

A child with ADHD is sometimes difficult to handle. If you are a parent of a child with ADHD, you already know this. You know that there is stress and that not everything is going to go the way you want. It is a difficult experience for everyone involved. Luckily, there are ways to, at [...]

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Can ADHD be an Asset?

There are many interpretations out there each claiming to be the right one: ADHD is a disability, ADHD is a brain type. ADHD is an executive function disorder… So how does one navigate the confusing waters of these competing definitions?

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