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Adult ADHD is as serious issue facing our society. While ADHD is known as an infliction that impacts focus and attention, it’s much more than that. It’s biological and behavioral. And for many adults, they weren’t diagnosed until later in life, which means they’ve finally found an answer. However, many are left wondering about adult ADHD treatment.

What Are the Signs of Adult ADHD?

There are many signs of ADHD an adult may have. Some of which relate to interactions with others—getting easily distracted and poor listening. There’s also a lot of internal dialogue that’s negative, eroding self-esteem. With both external and internal symptoms swirling, it can be overwhelming fast.

Empowered from the Start

With our adult ADHD treatment, we’ll empower you right from the start. First, the philosophy of Carol and Live Free ADHD is that this is not a deficient. It can actually be an advantage when you use your innovator brain.

From that foundation, she’ll work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Then help you map out a success strategy to achieve your goals.

Make Progress with the Right Coach

With the help of a great coach, adult ADHD treatment can change lives. With the right behaviors and coping mechanisms, it’s easier to overcome some of the worst symptoms. Those include distraction, lack of punctuality, untidiness, forgetfulness, failure to meet deadlines, and more. Our strategies enable you to manage social issues including blurting, interrupting, and inconsiderate behavior.

By practicing these success strategies, performance at work can improve, too. Life at home will become more stable and relaxing. Enrich every important personal relationship. And most importantly, you’ll gain a new level of self-confidence.

Adult ADHD Treatment – Coaching Session Details

  • Weekly private sessions with Carol, a senior certified coach, in person or via Skype/FaceTime
  • Thorough initial intake meeting leading to a proposal with the right strategies to meet your personal goals
  • Professional support between sessions, including check in via email, for accountability and consistency
  • Fastest results in the industry
  • Sliding scale fees available; contact us for more details

Get started today and achieve a better and more fulfilling life!