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Adult ADHD Coaching and Programs

Change your life today

As Founder of Live ADHD Free and Head Coach, Carol Gignoux will empower you right from the start. She has first-hand knowledge about the unique functions of your innovator brain.  From that foundation, she will work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses specific to you. Then help you map out a success strategy, using your unique strengths to achieve your goals.

With the aid of a great coach, adults with ADHD can make tremendous progress on perennial issues. Those challenges may include distraction, lack of punctuality, untidiness, forgetfulness, failure to meet deadlines and more. ADHD strategies enable you to manage social issues including blurting, interrupting and inconsiderate behavior.

By practicing these success strategies, performance at work can improve. Life at home will become more stable and relaxing. Every important personal relationship will be enriched. And most importantly, you will gain a new level of self-confidence.

Adult ADHD Coaching Session Details:

  • Weekly private sessions with Carol, a senior certified coach in person or via Skype/FaceTime
  • Thorough initial intake meeting in which Carol will create a proposal with the right success strategies to meet your personal goals
  • Professional support between sessions, including check in via email, for accountability and consistency
  • Fastest results in the industry
  • Sliding scale fees available – contact Carol for more details

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