Signs of ADHD in Adults

//Signs of ADHD in Adults

Signs of ADHD in Adults

While it’s easier to spot ADHD in kids, you may think that adults have the same symptoms. However, the signs of ADHD in adults can be much subtler. Both men and women are being diagnosed well into adulthood. It may be impacting you or someone you know right now.

ADHD Is indiscriminate. It can make your day-to-day life harder. But these are all challenges that can be overcome. The great thing about ADHD is it just means you learn and perform differently. At Live ADHD Free, we are no fans of the words “deficit” or “disorder.” Instead, we think of these people as innovators. ADHD as one of a set of neuro-diverse brain types is becoming the accepted understanding.

If you are wondering about the signs of ADHD in adults, here are the ones that we think most indicate ADHD. For a diagnosis, talk to your primary care physician or psychiatrist.

Organization Breakdown

Those with ADHD, adulthood is a lot to handle—work, finances, children, marriage, and the list continues. If it seems impossible to manage all these parts of your life, it may be more than just stress.

Organization is both how the mind sorts information but also being physically organized. If your bag or pockets are stuffed with junk and you can’t find anything, it may be ADHD.

Distraction Reaction

The world is fast-paced. Lots of hustle and bustle, so it’s easy for anyone to get distracted. Those with ADHD have this times 100. Everything seems to be coming at them with full speed. When loud conversations, laugher, and other activity is a part of the environment, like in offices, it can mean that employees could be under-performing. It’s not because they aren’t smart and capable. They need a better way to digest all the activity around them, so they can still focus on the tasks at hand.

Listening Poorly

As a sign of ADHD in adults, poor listening is more than an occasional zone out. This lack of listening leads to missed appointments and misunderstandings. It can be a real hurdle in the attempt to meet obligations. It’s correctable with the right kind of ADHD coaching, which teaches innovator brains to be active listeners.

Inward Signs of ADHD

These are all signs of ADHD which impact daily life. There are other traits as well that go even deeper into behaviors, including:

  • Curious people who have their own unique internal conversations that cause confusion when they try to communicate with others
  • A rapid-firing brain that too easily switches topics and interests in one conversation
  • Stimulation seeking minds that go off task and are easily bored
  • Those who come across as unconcerned, disinterested and unreliable

Whatever the combination of signs or traits, living a healthier, happier life is possible. You’re not damaged—you are strong and fierce. Seek advice and support from medical professionals and ADHD experts to find out if you have it and what to do to live with it.

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