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ADHD Couples Webinar Replay

What can you learn about your ADHD relationship?

If you missed our ADHD Couples Webinar, you can now watch the replay. In this webinar, you will hear from Carol about the six secrets to a successful ADHD couples.

The Six Secrets include:

  • Make no assumptions
  • Offer undivided attention
  • Include your partner in your schedule and priorities
  • Have fun together
  • Stick it out
  • Take responsibility

Carol also shares that successful ADHD couples share similar attributes.

Those successful attributes include:

  • Deep introspection of their own faults
  • Commitment to make it work
  • Choosing compassion and caring over being right
  • Clear understanding of ADHD and its impact on the relationship

Replay the webinar today, and learn these important elements of ADHD relationships. You can also review our Couples Coaching Program and Carol’s ebook Top Six Secrets of Successful ADHD Couples.

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As founder and president of ADHD FREE, Carol has proven to be one of the foremost thought leaders on the subject of ADHD and other innovative brain types. Her decades of hands-on experience with ADHD as well as her cutting-edge research provide valuable tools and success strategies for children, teenagers, college students, adults, executives and couples that Carol coaches, trains and consults with. Every day Carol provides her clients with the tools they need to lead orderly, happy lives in the classroom, office and home. After working with Carol, you will know your unique gifts, be able to express your true talents, and successfully achieve a more stress free and fulfilling life.

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