Preparing ADHD Teens for College

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Preparing ADHD Teens for College

In just a few months, your teenager will be walking into his or her first semester of college. You hope you have prepared them well for success. But sometimes good parenting needs an assist, especially if you are preparing ADHD teens for college. ADHD teens have different brains than their peers. It in no way means they are damaged; they approach the world differently and need tools and resources to communicate and function. In reality, all people need these tools, especially when leaving home and trying to manage all the responsibilities of college and becoming an adult.

A Complete Approach to ADHD Teen Well-Being

Preparing ADHD teens for college is more than just about study habits and organization skills. Although those are important. It’s about a holistic view of how an ADHD individual navigates the world. Being impulsive can be exciting for teens, but it can also lead to bad decisions. When teens have the right tools to better understand their thoughts and patterns, they can lead a healthier life. New freedom and unfamiliar surroundings can be sensory overload for these students. Depression is a side effect of these feelings, which for ADHDers causes a bit of a paralysis. They become unable to go to class and may shut down. Because you love your child and also want them to be independent, you’re stuck as a parent, wanting to both push and coddle. The best thing you can do is help them learn the skills they need to survive.

Preparing Before Day One

Get your student ready before he or she even steps foot on campus. An ADHD coach can deliver these skills, including teaching the basics of managing time and fighting procrastination. That’s a fundamental that can improve studying, class attendance and completing assignments. They can also learn how to stay organized in small spaces. Dorms don’t offer much real estate, so if your student has enhanced organization skills, it will curtail frustration.

ADHD college prep coaching instills confidence, which is one of the most valuable feelings. If your child feels self-assured in their decisions and actions, they can get out of their own way, finding success. Confidence also helps with the social aspect of college, so they can feel comfortable in their own skin, allowing for new relationships to develop.

New Summer Program for College Prep Coaching

With Live ADHD’s new College Prep Coaching program, your child will spend a little time this summer planning for their next step. Preparing ADHD teens for college doesn’t’ have to be something you as a parent take on by yourself. Learn more about how Carol can help your teen with coaching that builds skills and enhances their self-image.

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