Six Reasons Why ADHD Students Need Coaching

//Six Reasons Why ADHD Students Need Coaching

Six Reasons Why ADHD Students Need Coaching

College prep coaching can help students use their innovator brains to be successful

ADHD students are often bright, creative and full of ideas. However, because their brains work differently that might not transfer to their grades and GPA. Getting into college is just as competitive as any sport. Even if your ADHD student is accepted to college, will they be able to succeed?

Here are six reasons why ADHD students need coaching.

Organizational skills

Students learn organizational skills so they can manage time and stay on top of assignments. Meeting deadlines and staying on schedule are two challenges every ADHD student faces. With the right skills, this can be less of a concern.


When students learn to be accountable to themselves and others it provides ownership of tasks and assignments. Accountability actually helps build confidence.

How to seek help

It may seem simple, but many ADHD students, or people in general, don’t know how or when to ask for help. They simply allow themselves to be overwhelmed all alone. With ADHD student coaching, they will learn how to ask for help and seek resources.

Sleep and exercise routines

For an ADHD student to perform well academically, sleep and exercise are important aspects. With the right routine relating to sleep and exercise, their brains will be better able to focus.

Learning how to study for exams

There’s no perfect way to study. But there are proven techniques that can help ADHD students master studying.

Completing projects

Procrastination is a thorn for many with ADHD. Linked with time management challenges, finishing projects is often one of the hardest things to accomplish for ADHD students. By preparing from the beginning, completing projects can be accomplished.

Having ADHD doesn’t need to be a detriment! In fact, it can be a great asset when students understand how to use it to their advantage. To do this, they’ll need proper ADHD student coaching. Learn more about the Live ADHD Student Prep Coaching program, including your free consultation with Carol.

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