New Program Debuts: Focus First Support & Coaching for the Burnt-Out Executive

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New Program Debuts: Focus First Support & Coaching for the Burnt-Out Executive

Do you feel burnt out? Do you have a distorted work-life balance? Many executives feel this way aren’t sure where to turn. With so much expected of you, when can you every feel vulnerable?

At Live ADHD Free, we understand the struggles of business leaders. You’re often plagued with disorganization and dissatisfaction. Your innovator brain type (often mislabeled as ADHD) has probably had a lot to do with your success. You see the world differently, often able to reshape a challenge with your creative thinking.

But you probably run on full throttle all the time. There is no time for breaks to get your thoughts together. You may even feel guilty when you aren’t completely involved in something, whether from your professional or personal life. Your brain never turns off. And you’ve lost your focus.

Find Your Focus

Focus is something most have trouble with—ADHD or not. We live in a world with a myriad of stimuli always coming at us. Smartphones ping every second. Video and TV are always in the background. Signs beg for our attention as we walk down the street. Silence is hard to find and so is focus.

You live a demanding life but being able to get to the root of focus could be the answer you’ve been seeking. Once you break down all the distractions, you can determine what really matters in your life.

Losing your focus is normal in a modern life, but it’s not the end of the story.

Invest in Yourself

You’re smart and savvy when it comes to business. You’ve built a career by believing in yourself and not letting obstacles stand in your way. But when’s the last time you actually invested in yourself? If you have yourself the same investment as you do your job and your family, you have a chance to be a better business leader and family member. Investing in yourself is never a bad bet to make.

If any of this sounds familiar, then it’s time to do something. Working more or finally getting away for a few days will not resolve your loss of focus. This program can, and only one trusted adviser has a program designed for you—that’s Carol. She’s been doing this for over 30 years. With her, you can let down your guard and get to work for a better life ahead.

Learn more today about Focus First. Engage with Carol for a free assessment to see what it’s all about!

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As founder and president of ADHD FREE, Carol has proven to be one of the foremost thought leaders on the subject of ADHD and other innovative brain types. Her decades of hands-on experience with ADHD as well as her cutting-edge research provide valuable tools and success strategies for children, teenagers, college students, adults, executives and couples that Carol coaches, trains and consults with. Every day Carol provides her clients with the tools they need to lead orderly, happy lives in the classroom, office and home. After working with Carol, you will know your unique gifts, be able to express your true talents, and successfully achieve a more stress free and fulfilling life.

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