Is ADHD Coaching Online Effective?

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Is ADHD Coaching Online Effective?

In this marvelous, digital world we live in, we have the ability to interact with others in many new ways. While we can’t quite teleport, connecting online is now a way of life. Many people across the country work virtually. Telemedicine is rising in popularity. So, you may be wondering is ADHD coaching online effective? Will I get the same care and attention than if I was physically in front of someone?

Research Validates Video Effectiveness of Therapy

These are all normal questions to ask and ponder. Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy (talking it out) is just as effective over video as it is face-to-face. ADHD coaching is certainly behaviorally influenced. There is plenty of talking and listening. The key to effectiveness is your focus, and your desire to follow through, which we all know are problems for the ADHD brain type.

Could ADHD Coaching Online Deliver Fewer Distractions?

Distraction is the obstacle here. And you may find that if you were in an office sitting across from your ADHD coach, you’re even more distracted than if you were in a quiet place with a headset on, focusing solely on the image of your coach before you. There are no tchotchkes to catch your eye. No clock on the wall to help you count down to the end of your session.

Think about how you act when you sit in front of a person. Do you feel more self-conscious? Do you fidget more often? If you are in a comfortable space in your home, you may feel more relaxed and able to tune out the noise so you can concentrate and get the most out of your coaching.

Online Coaching Offers Flexibility

One of the biggest deterrents for anybody, ADHD or not, to stick with a program is because it’s not convenient. With in-person coaching, you may have to take time off work or find childcare each week just to make it work. You have to invest time in driving to the appointment, which easily adds another half hour. You may feel like you don’t have the time, so simply tell yourself that you don’t have the flexibility for coaching.

Whereas if you work with a coach online, it’s much more accessible. You could plan your sessions in the morning before work or errands. Or, you could schedule them later in the afternoon before the insanity of evening routines begin. Because you only need a Wi-Fi connection, you can literally be anywhere. A more flexible offering could help you finally make the time for something that’s this important.

Don’t think that ADHD coaching is out of reach because it won’t fit perfectly into your overscheduled life. Consider ADHD coaching online as the better alternative! Get started today by chatting about options with Carol.

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