A Hundred Types of ADHD Innovators

//A Hundred Types of ADHD Innovators

A Hundred Types of ADHD Innovators

Changing the perception of ADHD

ADHD, as a label, puts most in a disadvantage. Just look at the “D”s behind that acronym: deficit and disorder. We’re at a deficit compared to others, meaning we’re less than them. We’re disordered compared to others, meaning we’re wrong or broken. Those labels are so incorrect! What about all the amazing ADHD innovators? That’s kept in the darkness. Instead it’s a mark. No humans should have to carry stigmas like that, but for the capabilities of the rapid-fire brain type itself, that ADHD definition is truly misleading.

That’s why I’m working to change ADHD from a deficit to an advantage. In fact, I don’t want to even use the term ADHD. I prefer to refer to it as an Innovator Brain. And there have been and will continue to be ADHD innovators, bringing valuable inventions and ideas to humanity.

Emphasizing the benefits

There are benefits to the Innovator Brain and its cognitive structure. You have  powerful deductive skills, creativity, hyperfocus, and thinking speeds up to 10 times faster than other brain types.

Everyone I work with is eager for a fairer reframing of the language around ADHD. Sometimes people can be intimidated to take on the bold, flattering label of Innovator. After all, when you’ve been called abnormal for your whole life, how can you dare to own the label of Innovator? It’s important to clarify that innovators come in a hundred different shapes and sizes.

An array of ADHD Innovators

The term innovator is most often associated with technology today. And it’s certainly true that people working in the technology field fit the bill as innovators. Innovators are all around us in fields like healthcare, research, marketing, the arts, public service, education, and more. And there are ADHD innovators in these fields and many more. I know because I’ve spent decades working with those with ADHD. I’ve seen it in everyone from a musician to a physician.

Innovation means challenging the status quo. It means asking for more from yourself and using the full power of your amazing brain. It’s making the most out of a limiting situation. And, holding on to a dream and working hard to see it come true. That’s why so many of us should proudly wear the label of Innovator.

Reframe your ADHD today

Don’t let another day pass, stuck in the rut of believing you’re less than. With the right coach and a commitment to improve yourself, you can live a healthier, more peaceful life. Learn about our ADHD coaching programs today.

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As founder and president of ADHD FREE, Carol has proven to be one of the foremost thought leaders on the subject of ADHD and other innovative brain types. Her decades of hands-on experience with ADHD as well as her cutting-edge research provide valuable tools and success strategies for children, teenagers, college students, adults, executives and couples that Carol coaches, trains and consults with. Every day Carol provides her clients with the tools they need to lead orderly, happy lives in the classroom, office and home. After working with Carol, you will know your unique gifts, be able to express your true talents, and successfully achieve a more stress free and fulfilling life.

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