Vampire Thinking Revisited: The Cycle of Negative Self-Talk

//Vampire Thinking Revisited: The Cycle of Negative Self-Talk

Vampire Thinking Revisited: The Cycle of Negative Self-Talk

Many people relate to the theory of Vampire Thinking, because no one is spared this “blood-draining” issue in their life. Vampire Thinking is built on a negative self-talk, which is something that almost everyone suffers from at some point. Vampire Thinking absolutely contributes to unhappiness in many ways.

Negative self-talk is often louder than anything else

Vampire Thinking occurs when you allow your reserve of energy and positivity to be sucked out of yourself, just as a vampire sucks blood from his victims. You repeat negative self-talk statements. It’s a chorus of “I won’t succeed” or “I can’t do it.” Followed by, “I’m not worthy” and “I’m not good enough.” This cycle is toxic. It feeds on itself and leaves you feeling hopeless. If you say you suck then you do. Your thoughts then lead you in this direction, navigating to parts unknown.

Who is navigating your ship?

Think of it like this. You’re the captain of a ship. Your biggest responsibility is to get from where you are to where want to be. If you pay attention to where you’re going and don’t allow distractions, you’re more likely to make it to your final destination. But captains get distracted. The most famous example is the captain of the Titanic, and he didn’t see an iceberg., which certainly wasn’t hiding.

Your subconscious mind is the ship, and your conscious mind is the captain. The conscious mind tells the ship where to go. In other words, your subconscious mind can only navigate in the direction of the conscious mind. If the captain’s always telling the ship it can’t, your ship won’t make it to where you want to go. It will only continue in the direction of the iceberg.

Negative self-talk is draining

Vampire Thinking drains positive life energy and the potential to be the best version of yourself. There is nothing redeemable about this harmful practice of negative thinking. The only worthwhile course of action is to stop doing it, which isn’t easy. It takes work. But imagine putting your energy in to helpful, encouraging self-talk instead of negativity.

Paying attention to self-talk

You can start changing this by paying attention to your internal self talk. What are the negative statements you tell yourself inside your head that only you can hear? How often do you tell yourself those things? Look at your life and notice the evidence around you that’s in response to Vampire Thinking. Then commit to stopping this practice by changing your negative false statements into positive ones. When you say,  “If I keep working at it, I’ll get there” or “I can do what I set my mind to.” When you say things like this, you are practicing self-care.

Whatever your particular case, start now. It is never too late to begin or go in a new and better direction in life. Start your journey by joining the Live ADHD Free Vampire Program.

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