ADHD Support Groups: Good for You?

//ADHD Support Groups: Good for You?

ADHD Support Groups: Good for You?

People have a tendency to heal better when surrounded by others who have had similar experiences. Different support groups have been forming for decades, allowing people to speak freely about different parts of their life from grief to addiction. ADHD support groups have begun to form as well. And that’s something anyone with ADHD should consider because support groups work.

We know that because members report how much better they understand themselves and others from being in a support group. They tell stories of leaving fear and pain behind. This is made possible because of the caring atmosphere and shared experiences these groups offer. They look forward to going and appreciate the group’s lower cost and getting “free counseling” from the other members.

What to Consider Before Joining an ADHD Support Group

Before you join an ADHD support group, there are some things to consider to make sure it’s the right thing for you.

Thoroughly research the facilitator of the group.

Talk to others who have been to group sessions with him or her. The leader and facilitator will determine the group’s success.  Different personalities mesh in different ways. You‘ll want to feel comfortable with the person, otherwise, you won’t get out of it what you’d like.

Find a support group that is at a convenient time and location for you.

If it’s not close by or doesn’t fit your schedule, you aren’t going to go consistently. If there isn’t an ADHD support group in your area, you can always start one of your own, which you could promote on social media or other channels.

Remember that new things are often uncomfortable.

Being in a room full of fellow innovator brains may also cause anxiety. Take a breath, and allow it to be that way. Friends don’t start out friends. Stay committed and you could reap enormous benefits like the majority of people.

Helping You Manage an ADHD Life

Adding an ADHD support group to your schedule as another way to help you manage your brain type in a positive step. It does need to be run by someone you respect and fit your schedule. Don’t freak out if you don’t love day one. You’ll have to adjust. This in conjunction with ADHD coaching and the care of your physician could help you feel more supported than ever.

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