The ADHD Brain

//The ADHD Brain

The ADHD Brain

If you know anything about ADHD, then you know that the way those with it think is different. That root of this is the brain. The ADHD brain is different, not damaged or a deficit. In fact, new research has led to the confirmation that ADHD is a behavioral condition.

The study looked at brain scans of those diagnosed with ADHD. The results revealed noted differences. The brain is the central system for everything in your body from learning to control to motor skills. When brain chemistry is outside the norm, it can impact a large range of behaviors.

What Else Science Knows About the ADHD Brain

Brain scientists and experts have found that the lack of certain neurotransmitters causes different disorders. ADHD has been identified as a deficiency in norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is linked with dopamine. Dopamine controls the brain’s reward and pleasure center. The scientific community has found differences in four regions of the ADHD brain. These areas have much to do with how the mind regulates itself to the outside world.

Frontal Cortex

This region controls high-level functions, including attention, executive function, and organization. Not having the biological control of this area is likely the catalyst for certain behaviors. Attention is, of course, a central struggle. The ADHD brain often finds it hard to focus on one thing. However, there are many things that can help, including learning how to use different mechanisms to focus.

The Limbic System

This region is located deeper in the brain. It regulates our emotions and attention. Emotions can range wildly in all of us. For those with ADHD, the swings can be dramatic and hard to balance.

Basal Ganglia

Different brain chemistry here can cause inter-brain communication and information to “short-circuit.” If your brain struggles with self-regulation and constant communication, you’ll battle impulsivity.

Reticular Activating System

This is the major relay system for pathways that enter and leave the brain. Changes in the brain in this area can lead to hyperactivity and inattention.

So, if your brain is working against you? What is the solution?

ADHD Brains are Innovator Brains

An ADHD brain is a life sentence to never feeling in “control.” ADHD brains are innovator brains. Innovator brains have modern day superpowers of creativity and problem solving. These brains just work differently. Through the right kind of care plan, this can become an advantage, not a detriment.

The best decision you can make is to do something to retrain your brain. Talk to your physician about medication. Visit a licensed counselor, and also add an ADHD coach to your team. Working together, your ADHD brain will amaze you!

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