Changing Perspectives: ADHD Students Can Achieve Success

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Changing Perspectives: ADHD Students Can Achieve Success

ADHD students require support and a certain level of care. They have the ability to succeed in their studies and seek higher education. There is great potential, but it may be stifled by ADHD symptoms. Simply put, students with ADHD, with the right treatment, can go on to thrive in their environments.

School Is Stressful for ADHD Students

While the stress of school is felt by most all students, those with ADHD feel it even more. There are lots of expectations and pressure placed on students by parents and teachers. Traditional styles of teaching don’t usually work with the ADHD brain. So, they often feel isolated in the classroom.

Common challenges that ADHD students face include:

  • Distraction
  • Inability to meet deadlines
  • Low test scores
  • Poor homework habits
  • Frustration
  • Impulsivity

How Does ADHD Coaching Help?

As a parent, you may have already tried lots of things to combat ADHD symptoms like tutoring, cognitive therapy, medication, and a change in diet. While these things can certainly be helpful, they don’t offer the guidance to understand the innovator brain of ADHD students. ADHD coaching for students offers them a new perspective on how to go about their life with this innovator brain type.

An ADHD coach delivers a proven model for developing long-term positive change, helping students cultivate their natural talents while instilling in them confidence. At Live ADHD Free, we work with students and take the approach of helping them build life skills by embracing ADHD, rather than being ashamed of it. We even have a special program for those teens in high school that focuses on preparing for college. Our college prep coaching program has helped students all over the U.S. be successful in college.

What You Can Expect from ADHD Coaching for Students

Our coaching programs include:

  • Initial assessment leading to an educational plan designed to meet the student’s academic/social needs
  • Weekly private sessions with Carol, a senior certified coach and co-founder of ADHD coaching
  • Support between sessions, including check in via email for accountability and consistency
  • Goals and objectives focused on measuring academic performance using student’s strengths

Learn more about coaching for ADHD students today and embrace this new perspective.

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As founder and president of ADHD FREE, Carol has proven to be one of the foremost thought leaders on the subject of ADHD and other innovative brain types. Her decades of hands-on experience with ADHD as well as her cutting-edge research provide valuable tools and success strategies for children, teenagers, college students, adults, executives and couples that Carol coaches, trains and consults with. Every day Carol provides her clients with the tools they need to lead orderly, happy lives in the classroom, office and home. After working with Carol, you will know your unique gifts, be able to express your true talents, and successfully achieve a more stress free and fulfilling life.

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