What is Vampire Thinking

//What is Vampire Thinking

What is Vampire Thinking

Break free from Vampire Thinking in 2018

Vampire Thinking is a term defined by Carol Gignoux that describes a negative mindset and self-talk. It literally “sucks” the joy and opportunity from your life. Just as a vampire sucks blood to feed. Your mind also begins to rely on negativity. Negativity breeds more negativity. It has great power to influence our actions and functions. You could compare it to a magnet the size of King Kong.

Vampire Thinking squashes opportunity

Have you ever wanted to attend an event that was of great interest to you? You prepared yourself to attend and were anticipating it. It’s on your calendar. But then like a prick in the back of your mind, Vampire Thinking emerges. The thinking begins to suck the good out of the opportunity. You start to question why you should attend, telling yourself it’s too far and too expensive. You begin to make a list of all the reasons you shouldn’t go. And just like that, you’ve talked yourself out of something that you were genuinely excited about just days before.

Why do you engage in Vampire Thinking?

Why does this thinking occur? Unconsciously, at some time earlier in life, you probably established this type of thinking as defense mechanism. It protects you from getting hurt. It’s survival. If you don’t put yourself out there then you won’t fail. If you simply pretend you’re good enough to do something, you won’t endure any of the pain of disappointment if it doesn’t work out. It’s a vicious cycle of self sabotage. This creates a hard shell and quite often an empty life.

Catch yourself from spiraling into negative thinking

You have the power to understand when negative thoughts begin creeping into your head. Being self-aware is your garlic and cross. Ward off Vampire Thinking by acknowledging it and then divert it from sucking away peace and joy. Start with these five steps.

Step 1: Acknowledge you do it.

Notice in your life 1) under what circumstances and 2) how often you suck the vitality out of your life with reasons to back down and deny yourself. What is this fear and behavior costing you? Write it down.

Step 2: Notice what you are sacrificing.

Note what you are missing by continuing to think in this way.

Step 3: Admit the evidence in front of you is overwhelming.

Decide to rid this thinking from one key area of your life. As you succeed in this area, you’ll be able to apply what you learned to other areas of your life.

Step 4: Visualize a life free of negative thinking.

Make a visual representation of  the life you’d be living without negative thinking. What will be possible once you stop? How will it feel to have more of what you really want in your life?

Step 5: Share your struggles with trusted friends and colleagues.

Hold each other accountable. It’s more powerful to do this work together. Never give up until you get there.

Get empowered

Ready to make the first step and work on your emotional health? Join the Live ADHD Free Banish Vampire Thinking Workshop.

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