8 Tips for Living with ADHD During the Holidays

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8 Tips for Living with ADHD During the Holidays

Living with ADHD impacts everything that you do, including how your make it through the holidays. For ADHD brains, there is a mix of excitement, anxiety, worry, impulsivity, and more. So how can you deal with your ADHD and holidays? Start by reading our ADHD Holiday Survival Guide. Then take heed of these eight tips. Living with ADHD during the holidays is possible, and you can actually enjoy it.

Don’t over schedule yourself.

One of the biggest producers of anxiety is a full calendar. While it’s great to see friends and family over the holidays, allow yourself time to relax and be obligation free.

Enjoy quality time with those you love, and forget about the quantity.

When deciding what activities or events to attend, remember it’s the quality of the time spent together, not how long. If you can only spend an hour then make it a good hour. Don’t waste time on feeling guilty about needing to leave early.

Take a trip.

The holidays are actually a great time to travel. Find yourself on a sunny beach with time to unwind and rejuvenate. As an adult, you get to make the decisions about your life. Instead of being miserable and stressed, find some tranquility to help you reset and get prepared for the New Year.

Choose how you want to celebrate.

If you don’t want to decorate or send out a holiday card then don’t. This “expectation” that you believe the world has of you to act a certain way or do a certain thing does you no good. Realize that during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year that you are mostly accountable just to yourself. Stop living a life based on preconceived obligations.

Create traditions that are meaningful to you.

It’s always a good time to start a tradition. Think about what would be a great activity for you and your family or friends. Ideas include going to the movies on Christmas, riding around looking at holiday lights, or volunteering at soup kitchen. These traditions should be stress-free with a focus on making memories.

Forget the word perfect.

You’re holiday card picture won’t be perfect. Neither will your sugar cookies. And the topper to your tree will probably be crooked. It’s hard for ADHD brains to overlook imperfection. All you might see is the flaws. But you’ve got to let that go. Accept that you live a perfectly imperfect life.

Take a walk whenever you can, and leave your phone off.

If you have visitors, invite others with you. As long as it’s not too cold, keep going. Walking, talking and being outside are all great ways to burn energy and feel more balanced.

Give what you can.

The holidays are no time to spend every dime you have. And while you may think that people will only appreciate expensive gifts, you’re wrong. Don’t go into debt to impress someone or win someone’s love. That’s not how it works. Give what you can within your means. Thoughtful gifts are always better than pricey ones.

Great tips for living with ADHD during the holidays and every day!

Living with ADHD during the holidays or any time of year can be a challenge. But you have the power every day to create your own story. Living with ADHD can be a happy life, especially if you have the tools, resources, and habits to handle the complexities of the innovator brain. Learn more about how Live ADHD Free can help you live your best life today.

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