What do I mean when I use the phrase “Innovator Brain Type”?

There are many personalities, historical and contemporary, with the “Innovator Brain Type.” They have made significant contributions to society as a whole.

Just some of the many people we believe had the “Innovator Gene” are: Pablo Picasso, The Wright Brothers, Lewis and Clark, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, John F. Kennedy, Beethoven, Mozart, Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Lennon, and Walt Disney. The list goes on and on…

I believe we need to change the thinking around the label of “ADHD” and start thinking about it as an “Innovator Brain Type.”  ADHD is a different way of viewing the world and processing information and coming up with ideas not all of us can readily see.

I am very excited to present this idea. For so long, I have been vehemently opposed to the label of ADHD. I have continually felt a grave injustice was being done to people with the innovator brain type. I feel passionate that it is time to move away from “deficit disorder,” and start to think of this brain type as an “asset.” Then we can move towards thinking about these people as innovative problem solvers.

With that difference, we can begin to help people with this brain type. They can learn to manage their behavior from a place of confidence and stronger self-esteem. Everything on this website comes from the new concept of innovator brain type. It highlights the striking difference between what people are can accomplish in terms of behavior change when they consider themselves an “innovator” versus thinking of themselves as having a “deficit disorder.”

So remember to replace ADHD with the Innovator label as you explore Live ADHD Free and all of our programs and services. We want you to Live Free of the stigma that comes with having ADHD.

I know you’ll get used to this new way of thinking about it. You’ll soon understand that it’s not only a much better idea and more accurate description, but also the wave of the future. This allows everyone to become more educated and aware of the many talents and contributions being made by Innovator Brain Types every day!